New Beginnings

Another long overdue post but with INCREDIBLE news! 😀


  • Part Two – A week ago, I got a call about having a second interview on March 31. So I was doing well with my part-time job. It kept my mind off the nervousness about getting the job. I also went to the second course of MyGo’s MyPath. It was all about interview tips which I found very helpful for my second interview. We did mock interviews where we got to interview and be interviewed by our peers.  We also discussed the do’s and don’ts before, during and after an interview. Interestingly, non-verbal actions are the most important way of communicating which means that the body language and facial expressions must coincide with your words; otherwise, the interviewer will get the wrong impression from you. I enjoyed this session a lot more than the first one because, I picked up quite a lot from it.

  • There were Five – March 31 came and I sat in an office feeling nervous and excited at the same time. I must say that I feel quite confident. I was told that this was going to be a casual and more relaxed kind of an interview. Nonetheless, I prepared myself not to say anything stupid. So, anyway, two women came in to speak with me. I forgot their position in the company, but they were both accountants. The second two women who came in were quite young, probably mid to late 20s. These four women’s career stories were very inspiring. Their accounting qualifications were funded by the company. I got so motivated to do my best so I can experience that too. My last interview was with the CFO. He was so intimidating at first, but the way he talked to me was calm and friendly so I immediately felt comfortable and was able to answer his questions quite confidently. He told me that I have another competition for this position. I felt nervous because I have no idea who this person might be. Then after the interview, they said I will be hearing from them on Monday whether I got the job or not.
  • Monday – From 6am until 12nn, I never let my phone out of my sight. It was a nerve-wrecking morning. I was nervous and anxious waiting for that call. It was an hour before I have to leave for my part-time job and still no call. I was doing my make up and I was half-way through applying my foundation and there was that ringing sound. My heartbeat was so fast and my hand was shaking as I picked up the phone. Long story short, I cried after I hung up the phone (HAHA). My elation was unbelievable! I was so happy! All my frustrations from last month went away. My efforts were paid.  And I really felt that it was an incredible achievement. I went to work with a big smile on my face and my co-workers there were very happy for me.

So, this is it. My first accounting job. I’m so excited and scared at the same time. But I am so ready for this. I’ve waited and cried for this! I still can’t believe it. I’m gonna be earning my own money now! First day of work tomorrow! Good luck to me 😀

‘Til next time!


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