New Beginnings

Another long overdue post but with INCREDIBLE news! 😀


  • Part Two – A week ago, I got a call about having a second interview on March 31. So I was doing well with my part-time job. It kept my mind off the nervousness about getting the job. I also went to the second course of MyGo’s MyPath. It was all about interview tips which I found very helpful for my second interview. We did mock interviews where we got to interview and be interviewed by our peers.  We also discussed the do’s and don’ts before, during and after an interview. Interestingly, non-verbal actions are the most important way of communicating which means that the body language and facial expressions must coincide with your words; otherwise, the interviewer will get the wrong impression from you. I enjoyed this session a lot more than the first one because, I picked up quite a lot from it.

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